Friday, November 21, 2014


de shaw interview questions 2014 finance for mba finance analyst

  • Friday, November 21, 2014
  • Noufel Backer
  • The following are the interview questions that were asked for De shaw for MBA Finance

    1)Which valuation model did you used for your company adn why?

    2)What is FCFE and FCFF Model?

    3)What is Correlation?Is it good or bad?

    4)What is GDP and how do we measure it?

    5)What is diminishing marginal utility curve?

    6)What are preference shares?and conditions for preference shares?

    7)What is beta?How do we measure beta?

    8)Can beta be negative?

    9)What is standard deviation?

    10)What is Variance and Covariance?

    11)Expain In the money,Out of the money and At the money options?

    12)Explain butterfly spread with an example?

    13)Explain long straddle,short straddle and how do we use it?

    14)What is Var?

    15)How do we measure Var and limitations of Var?

    16)Accounting principles?

    17)What is delta,gamma and theta?

    18)Difference between mutual funds and hedge funds?

    19)Hedge fund strategies?

    20)WDM and SLM method depreciation?

    21)Why people invest in equity?

    22)Inventory measurement?FIFO and LIFO?

    23)IPL controversy?